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A positive update in extraordinary times, and news of an innovative step by Lillicrap Chilcott ……

With more free time now than a good many buyers are perhaps accustomed to, it has become very evident to Lillicrap Chilcott very quickly during the past few days that buyers are keen to continue to peruse homes on the market for sale, and, to be able to make enquiries about them easily, efficiently, and to progress such interest in a manner which is compliant with, and completely respectful of, current rules concerning travel and isolation.

To help you to get the best out of your search for your ‘next’ home over the coming days and weeks, Lillicrap Chilcott can be reached via 01872 273473 as usual or via email to

We always have a generous selection of photographs of each property we are offering for sale (and invariably considerably more available of specific rooms, garden, outbuildings etc. upon request): please view these at . Our website is updated constantly during each day, bringing you the very latest news of homes which are coming onto the market (as a number of homes have been prepared ready for public launch of marketing before restrictions were announced and some of these will appear during the coming days and weeks), and, of course, news of homes being sold which always makes interesting reading and viewing if you are contemplating a move yourself and wish to keep abreast of what is happening in your locality.

And finally, a new initiative, to help buyers and sellers in these unusually restrictive weeks……..

You see a house which appeals; you can speak with us about it but you cannot view it; you feel it is quite possibly ‘the right one’ and you don’t want to miss it ?

We are taking a new step right now and borrowing from Scottish estate agency vocabulary. We are aware of no other estate agency in England doing this.

We are inviting buyers who very much like a property we are selling but are currently prevented from viewing it, to register with us by email a NOTE OF INTEREST.

This will enable your interest to be carefully logged, reported to our client (the vendor), and receipt of your NOTE OF INTEREST will ensure that we shall not agree to sell that property to anyone without first letting you know. It will not give you ‘first refusal’; it will give you the chance to know of a forthcoming sale before it is too late, and you will be assured of that notification.

Please speak to us about Note of Interest if you have any questions at all – 01872 273473

And, if you are contemplating selling your home when restrictions ease, it is not at all premature to speak with us now to start to plan arrangements: a perhaps surprising number of home owners are already doing this, whilst time is in hand, to make the right decisions in a non rushed manner . Please reach us on 01872 273473.

Above all else, and with enormous admiration for the work of all NHS and care personnel, we wish our clients, buyers, and friends good health and good spirits.


G Ian Lillicrap

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Tel: 01872 273473